Lockness Eclipse Plugin - Java Thread Dump Analyser

Lockness Features

Lockness provides several views on the information extracted from Thread Dumps.

Lockness Summary

The "Lockness Summary" frame displays a set of counters per Thread Dump. You can see in one shot how many Threads are running, waiting or sleeping.

Lockness Overview

The "Overview" frame highlights the Bottlenecks and the Deadlocks.
This view presents the data in a Tree and let you see which Thread is holding the lock responsible for the contention.

Lockness Search

The "Search" tab let you search for a specific information in one or several Thread Dumps. You can search for locks, threads, java classes or method names.
You can easily navigate from the search result to the Overview Frame and vice-versa.

Lockness Text Editor

The "Text Editor" tab let you see the original file in text mode and you can still edit the file and copy/paste its content.

Navigation to the Java Code

Lockness benefits from the Eclipse Framework and you can navigate to the corresponding Java Code either by decompiling the class or by opening the java source directly (as soon as the corresponding java project is available).

Lockness Eclipse Plugin - Java Thread Dump Analyser