Lockness Eclipse Plugin - Java Thread Dump Analyser

Lockness Screenshots

Lockness Editor - Overview Tab

The "Overview" tab contains the "Dump Selector", the "Overview" pane, the "Summary" and the "Detail" views.

The "Summary" view let you see counters for each Thread States.

The "Lockness Details" view adapt its content according to the selected element.


Lockness Editor - Text Editor

The "Text Editor" tab (at the bottom) let you navigate to the original Thread Dump Output. Where you can still copy/paste the content.

Lockness Editor - Search Tab

The "Search" tab (at the bottom as well) let you search for specific information either in Thread Headers or in the Thread Stacks. This is quite usefull to make sure a certain package/class/method does not appear too many time in the dumps. The "Detail" view highlights the lines where the information has been found.

Thread Dump Samples

A Typical Deadlock

- This icon indicates that the Thread is involved in the deadlock.

A Typical Bottleneck

- This icon highligths the root cause of a Thread Contention,
- This one denotes Threads waiting for the lock.

Orphan Locks

On productive environment with a large number of Threads it happens that the dump still mentions Threads waiting for a lock while the lock is not held anymore. In such situation "Orphan Locks" are shown in the Thread Hierarchy as well.

Lockness Eclipse Plugin - Java Thread Dump Analyser