Lockness Eclipse Plugin - Java Thread Dump Analyser

Lockness Setup & Usage

How to Setup Lockness?

If you are familiar with the Eclipse IDE, setting up Lockness is not a big deal. The typical steps are the following:
  • Download the Eclipse IDE 2.0 or 3.0
  • Download the Lockness Plugin matching the Eclipse Environment
  • Copy the Lockness Jar File in your Eclipse Plugins folder
  • Restart the Eclipse IDE
  • Create a new Project ("File > New> Project... > General > Project")
  • Add a new Folder to your project ("File > New> Folder...") and make it point to the location where Thread Dumps Ouput are located on your file System

A Typical Project

How to use Lockness?

Once your project and the folder is created you should see the files it contains in the Package Explorer Frame (this depends on the sletect Eclipse Perspective)
Dy default the Lockness Editor is assigned to file having the following extensions:
  • *.out, *.log, *.txt, *.trc

Abstract From Real File Names

It is not necessary to rename the files if they are matching the expected extensions. Eclipse has options to abstract from real file names.
You will have to add a new File to:
  • Add a new File to your project ("File > New> File..."),
  • Provide a correct file name,
  • Click the "Advanced..." button to point to the real location on to your file System.

That's it. Double click on Resource Files to open the Lockness Editor and enjoy it!

Lockness Editor does not start!

This may happen because the file extensions is matching another Eclipse Plugin. Please check the File is matching the expected extension and check the "Eclipse Settings" at: "Windows > Preferences > General > File Associasions". The "Lockness - Thread Dump Analyzer" editor should appear here.

Lockness Fails!

You can add additional views to your Eclipse perspective to check whether Lockness is up and running.
  • The "Error Log" view let you see error messages
  • The "Plugin Registry" let you check if Lockness has been loaded
Go to: "Window > Show View > Other... > PDE Runtime" to add the views
Check the logs and contact me!

Lockness Eclipse Plugin - Java Thread Dump Analyser